Mendel90 Speedboat challenge
June 24, 2023 09:41AM
I am amazed at what I can get out the M90 design - if I go to a 32 bit board I am sure I could get sub 10 mins at quality

Mendel90 Sub 25 minute Benchy

I am doing a write up on all the mods and will provide links etc to files, will add another post shortly.

The quality I get from this modded old boy is insane . all Z-wobble gone 0.6 nozzle - this could almost be resin
Re: Mendel90 Speedboat challenge now sub 10 minute
July 09, 2023 02:32PM
I've done it. A sub 10 minutes, some additional details as well. Sub 10 minute

Accelerated 30000, 230mm sec, corners 30mm

What a great machine
Re: Mendel90 Speedboat challenge now sub 10 minute
July 12, 2023 05:50AM
Amazing. I must try out Clipper some time.

Re: Mendel90 Speedboat challenge
July 14, 2023 03:54PM
Thanks Nophead, there is faster and better quality to come. Abs would be better quality. What did you think about the z tensions? It creates a tiny (0.4mm) bow effect on the z bars which keeps everything firm, I get no wobble at all. My Klipper config attached.

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open | download - (6.3 KB)
Re: Mendel90 Speedboat challenge
July 18, 2023 03:59PM

I haven't seen any z-wobble on my machines. Is there play in your linear bearings? Do your tall parts get a 0.4mm bow in them?

Re: Mendel90 Speedboat challenge
July 18, 2023 04:20PM
The bow effect is constant throughout the height so no. The standard x assembly does shift around, you can literally push from side to side, the smooth rods are not man enough to resist inertia or the lead screws. With the tensioners I am seeing perfect layers short. I can defo do a tall print to prove perfectly square.
Re: Mendel90 Speedboat challenge
July 23, 2023 07:27AM
Not very easy to see but I assure you that it's square, I've tried to show the daylight. Printed at 120mm/s 5% infile .2 height
open | download - IMG_20230723_122512.jpg (943.8 KB)
Re: Mendel90 Speedboat challenge
July 25, 2023 08:26AM
The Mendel90 design has neoprene sleeving in the Z couplers to allow the lead screws to move angularly without putting stress on the Z rods. I see you have metal couplings which are probably stiffer.

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