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2nd Meeting

Posted by pawaller 
2nd Meeting
March 20, 2013 07:54AM
Proposed date of the 2nd meeting.... (just need to double check with the venue, if there are no further posts/emails then it is definitely on)

8:00pm Friday 19th April 2013 @ The Lounge, Biggleswade... [www.theoldmaltings.co.uk]

See their website for directions etc.

Hopefully those who could not make the 1st meeting will be able to attend.
If you plan on coming please let me know so I can make sure there are enough seats reserved. Last time it was very busy but we managed to squeeze everyone in :-)
Although it's not the ideal venue for a meetup, it will do for now, I'm actively looking for an alternate with perhaps a bit more space.

There will be an area upstairs set aside for us. Free wifi is available.
The venue is open all day and serves food etc if you get there early and are peckish!

No agenda as such, I think at the moment we are still at the "show and tell" stage.
I plan to bring a few scraps of filament (PLA) and objects etc to pass around for examination. Please bring stuff to show if you can.
Also please chime in if you have any ideas/ suggestions for this or a future meeting.

Please email me directly pawaller@gmail.com if you would like to be added to email DL to be notified about upcoming meetings.

Re: 2nd Meeting
April 18, 2013 07:09AM
Hi All,
Just a quick confirmation post as I have received a few emails asking if the meeting is definitely taking place.

Yes it is spinning smiley sticking its tongue out ....

8:00pm Friday 19th April 2013 @ The Lounge, Biggleswade... [www.theoldmaltings.co.uk]

Please if you can, bring along stuff to show (failures as well if you would like second opinions as to what went wrong spinning smiley sticking its tongue out ) as they are great conversation starters.

See you all Friday
Re: 2nd Meeting
April 20, 2013 02:21PM
Hi all,

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend last nights meeting.
Hope you all got something out of it.
I plan to set the next meeting for around 6 weeks time.

As always, if there are any particular topics anyone would like discussed at a future meeting please post in this thread or just drop me a note.

I will try and minute anything noteworthy if I can remember who said what :-)
For example... a few people had not heard of the Reprap magazine.... [reprapmagazine.com]. Pretty good effort for a 1st attempt, well worth a read.

Re: 2nd Meeting
April 22, 2013 05:01PM
I think i would like to discuss the merits of slicing software, and what people are using for cad designs.

I'm persevering with openscad and Skienforge..

Whilst skienforge is giving me great results from the defaults supplied by Nophead with the build of my mendel 90 im open to testing other stuff for the greater good.

Thanks for arranging once again the meeting..

Time to play every day... Why be bored and old smiling smiley
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