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Expert Wanted

Posted by andy_tratter 
Expert Wanted
May 30, 2013 05:09PM
Hi all,

Sorry to post this here but it seems like a good place to find a local expert, i have also posted in the Mendel section if it seems familiar!

So a few years ago I bought and built a Mendel, and it successfully printed one or two very small basic items. I then encountered some issues when trying to print bigger items and had a bit of a play to try and fine tune the machine but with very limited knowledge i kept going backwards, which then ended with the Mendel being left in the corner and its not been touched since.

It seems a waste to me to have it just sitting there and would very much appreciate somebody spending some time with it to make it print properly, set up the software and fine tune the machine etc - I would of course pay the poor soul for their time and efforts.

As mentioned its a Mendel with Gen 6 electronics and an Aluminium print bed, i do have a heated bed but its not got any control device. Built to take ABS but happy to swap to PLA if it makes things easier, and have been using Skeinforge to create the G-Code.

I'm based near Peterborough but am happy to travel to most places and leave the printer with someone for however long it takes!

If anyone is interested then my best port of contact is via email: andrew_butter@hotmail.com

Many thanks, Andrew
Re: Expert Wanted
June 01, 2013 09:20AM
I have a Dibond Mendel 90, and have lots of successful larger prints. Im in peterborough, maybe we can meet up and discuss.

Im not saying im an expert but i have alot of success with little issue. maybe its the construction of the Mendel 90 over its other siblings.

Time to play every day... Why be bored and old smiling smiley
Re: Expert Wanted
June 04, 2013 02:01PM
Hi Cylon,

I've started to research into the Mendel90, I like the concept and design and it appears to be much more user friendly than my original Mendel. I think I'll buy a kit and have another go with it all, especially knowing there's someone close-by who's been successful. Dd it take a lot of messing around once built to get it working properly or is it it fairly straight forward?

Re: Expert Wanted
July 09, 2013 03:08PM
Glad to meet up if you need some help at any point.

Sorry it took a while to come back to you..

Time to play every day... Why be bored and old smiling smiley
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