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4th Meeting

Posted by pawaller 
4th Meeting
September 06, 2013 11:26AM
Hi All,
Hope everyone had a great summer and looking forward to getting back to their printers! :-)

Proposed date of the 4th meeting...

8:00pm Friday 25th October 2013 @ The Lounge, Biggleswade... [www.theoldmaltings.co.uk]

See their website for directions etc. Free parking is available nearby at various locations in the town (high St etc),for past meetings a few people have used the ASDA car park next door and got parking tickets :-(.

If you do plan on coming please let me know so I can make sure there are enough seats reserved. Last time it was very busy but we managed to squeeze everyone in :-)

There will be an area upstairs set aside for us. Free wifi is available.
The venue is open all day and serves food etc if you get there early and are peckish!

No agenda as such, just informal information sharing as usual.

Also bring some items to show if you can, they are always good conversation starters.

As always, please chime in if you have any ideas/ suggestions for this or a future meeting.

Please email me directly pawaller@gmail.com if you would like to be added/removed from the email DL to be notified about upcoming meetings.

Re: 4th Meeting
September 10, 2013 10:20AM
Hi All,

Being new to all this, I will have a stack of questions to ask members e.g.:

Mendel90-specific: How accurate are prints?, What is the long-term calibration stability? etc.

Generalities: What speed settings are people using to print PLA? Has anyone printed Nylon and what were the prints like? etc.

Don't answer now, I can wait for the night winking smiley

Neil Darlow
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