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Limited Edition RepRapPro Ormerod no. 343

Posted by ChrisJC 
Limited Edition RepRapPro Ormerod no. 343
April 18, 2020 06:15AM
Good Morning All,
I am in possession of a RepRapPro Ormerod. It is a limited edition model from 1st December 2013!

It belonged to my late father, who fettled it into working reasonably well - certainly he used it quite a bit with good results.
More recently I have used it a little, however somehow I have erased the firmware on the Duet board (I think because it is accessible via the Arduino tools and I had it permanently connected). I haven't been able to find the correct firmware, and to be honest, technology has moved on so I have purchased something much newer.

I could just heave it into a skip, but I thought I would see if anybody wants it?

It is free, collect from PE8 5ND, respecting social distancing of course!

It is everything you need, in theory you could put the correct firmware into it, faff about with the z-axis calibration, and away you go.

It even comes with the Certificate of Authenticity!!

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