Manchester 3D Printer User Group (3DPUG)
March 18, 2013 11:08AM
Having seen zero posts for a while, I thought that I would start the ball rolling by copying a few lines of text posted by Parag0n several months ago when he described the first meeting of the Manchester user group.
He said ....

"Manchester's 3D Printing UserGroup, a group for 3d printing hobbists and enthusiasts who own, or are looking to build a home 3d printer.
Our first meeting will be on Monday the 9th of July at MadLab (36-40 Edge Steet, Manchester, M4 1HN). It starts at 7.00pm"

The group has met every month on the second Monday of every month at the above address, the only change has been the start time which is now 7:30pm.

We had three machines running at the March meeting: A MendelMax, a Sells Mendel (I think!) and a Mendel90 Dibond.
You can view the Manchester 3DPUG website pages here: [] - these will confirm the date of future meetings.

looking for a 3d printer to print an item, Im willing to pay up to £50 cash for the print.. if you willing post and i will back to you..
Re: Manchester 3D Printer User Group (3DPUG)
August 24, 2015 04:50PM
is the group still up and running and when and where is your next meeting please
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