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Cubehero adds commit history and likes

Posted by iamwil 
Cubehero adds commit history and likes
November 01, 2013 02:24PM
Hi all,

This was was mostly about fixing little things that were annoying on Cubehero. I've been adding a fair amount of features in the last 6 weeks, and it was time to go a bit slower and take stock of what's been slightly broken along the way. Turd polishing, if you will.

I've added a basic commit history to every physible project now, so you can see all the changes, good or bad. You still can't visit the commit to see the files yet, but that will come. I've also added the ability to like someone's project, and send them some love. You can see that on every listings page.

Lemme know how else I can help you host and work on 3D printed projects together. I always welcome feedback

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