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Cubehero spit shining: Editing README, Github flavored markdown, email notifications, and physible-owned discussions

Posted by iamwil 
Hey all,

Here are more improvements as I spit-shine and turd polish Cubehero.

- Editing README from the web. This has been one annoyance that's been around for too long. Now, you can edit the README directly from the website, instead of having to upload an updated README.
- All text posted, such as topic text, comments, and README is now using Github flavored markdown to make it easier to post code.
- Email notifications to keep track of topic threads. You also get email notifications if someone posts a topic to your physible. I was always frustrated that I didn't know what going on in threads to be able to reply.
- Having shared discussion sections was confusing to people, so each physible project has its own discussion section.

Enjoy, and lemme know if you have any feedback.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 12/10/2013 12:49PM by iamwil.

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