Objects that need less than 5 yards of filament?
May 31, 2014 06:44PM
Hi! I was wondering if anyone could suggest objects that can be made with less than 5 yards of filament, 10 yards of filament etc. I'm starting a 3D printing materials company that sells 3D printing filament by the yard (similar to Faberdashery but focusing more on weird, cool filaments like thermochromic etc.). This is both for my own personal interest and so people can gauge what a yard of filament really gets you. Thanks!

Footle sells filament by the yard to make 3D printing more available to everyone!

Support Footle's crowdfunding campaign! [www.indiegogo.com]
(^WOOD-COMPOSITE filament for $0.50/yard! THERMOCHROMIC for just $0.40!!!)

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