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3d printing magazine II - Gallery section

Posted by pdesigns 
3d printing magazine II - Gallery section
November 21, 2012 06:48PM
Hi everyone

After the initial post about the interest of a 3d printing magazine and motivated by the shown interest we have assemble a team and are currently working on the first issue.

There is a gallery section dedicated to show all those great prints out there. So if you have one and want to submit it to possible publication on the magazine please send us some pictures (max of 3 pictures per object/print) and the basic info:

reprap printer model;Slicer;Nozzle;layer_height; perimeters; solid_layers; fill_density; perimeter_speed; infill_speed; travel_speed; nozzle_diameter; filament_diameter; extrusion_multiplier; single wall width; first layer single wall width...

Also send your name; username; country;website and photo.
Please send your contributions to this email:


If the 3d model is not your own don't forget to send the link to the model (if its available online).

Last, please consider the fact that the images are to be used on a magazine. The photos don't need to be master pieces of art, but they need to be in focus and a clean background helps to make the prints popout! (if anyone wants some simple tips: [www.idigitalphoto.com] )

Have fun and show us those great prints!
Re: 3d printing magazine II - Gallery section
February 20, 2013 04:32AM

Just to update the email. For general contacts, sending pictures, articles and other content use:


Developers can also send an email to be in our database for future contacts to:


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