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Posted by kurt_ek 
April 13, 2013 08:19PM
Hi! I live in Guatemala in Central America and I was wondering if I could help out with this project. Most people in my country and quite a few in Latin America don't speak english very well and I'd like to pitch in translating as much as possible. Right now due to work I can't offer that I'll translate everything in a week, but I can help out and look for others who are willing to help. How could we make this happen?

This is one AMAZING project and I am very thankful to all who are part of it (I mean both the RepRap and the RepRap Magazine projects!!!)
Re: Translations
April 16, 2013 02:42PM
Best thing is to get in touch with the team via email: general@reprapmagazine.com

Re: Translations
April 16, 2013 02:46PM
Thank you very much!
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