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Welcome, Where in Southern Illinois are you from?

Posted by Tokyojim 
Welcome, Where in Southern Illinois are you from?
February 26, 2013 03:20PM
I'm In Marion Illinois
Re: Welcome, Where in Southern Illinois are you from?
March 03, 2013 05:03AM
I'm not exactly from "Sothern" Illinois. I'm in Jacksonville. If you dont know where that is, I'm 30 mins SW of springfield.

I've been wanting to get into 3d printing for awhile now. I finally have the money to get one. I'm in the process of finding a prebuilt model with atleast an 8" x 8" print bed for under $1000 shiped with under a 2 week lead time. Once I get that and get plenty of practice I plan to build a RepRap.

I kind of want to get into 3d printing slowly, and not end up with a half finished 3d printer in my closet if you know what I mean. lol

I'm looking really hard at the Rapidbot 3.0 from makemendel.com but they are in another country, I would much rather buy inside the US but every unit that I find that is within my needs has a 8-10 week lead time. I cant spend $1000 and wait 2+ months, just not gona happen. lol

If I had someone near me with experience in building a reprap I would just buy all the stuff needed and start building knowing I have someone with experience to fall back on. Problem is, around here, im the one everyone calls on when they cant get something to work.
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