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Seek Raper to prototype for Billion$ LLC startup

Posted by safefounder 
Seek Raper to prototype for Billion$ LLC startup
June 03, 2015 06:54PM
Hello Rep-Rapers,
I have been investigating 3D-Printing for some time for a project I came up with long ago.
When I came across Adrian Bowyer's video I saved it and have watched it many times now. The
mission he mentioned to change the world goes hand in hand with my mission. Together we can
expand the benefits for average citizens even further. You will welcome/love what I have invented:

I am launching a private LLC which will provide every service needed for average persons to
get their home-grown designs to the marketplace FOR FREE upfront!!!!!!!!!!!
This grassroots entrepreneurism will take over this market-niche and END a charlatan reign.

We have all seen those commercials...”Are you an inventor or do you have an idea to better
an existing...yada-yada-yada ”. Anyone-(like myself), who has attempted to obtain success
with these firms has discovered they all want thousands of dollars upfront...with no gurantees
for anything!!!!!

Where you Rapers come in is you will be helping as needed with producing prototype parts
for the clents as needed to help finalize designs as requested. Home offices will be spread
across America and on around the world. Did I get your attention yet?!

If not then listen to this; the aforementioned offices will receive Royalty percentages of Net
sales. No this is not MLM or commision sales. It is cut from total company Net profits stemming
from client's designs you worked on, and each time client's designs obtain another production
contract your office will obtain the same Net LLC profit cut percentage for life, or at least as long
as you work with this entrpreneurial LLC.
This could quickly grow to millions of dollars as your area contracts add up.

As I said this is a grassroot LLC and you will be independent contractors and responsible for
your own taxes and insurances etc. Should you decide this is an opportunity you cannot pass up
without earnest investigation? By the way...no funds will be sought from any of you to get going.

Startup funds will come easily from the initial client contracts which the Business Manager
in your group and the Home offices produce. This amounts to obtainment of production and
final Sales market contracts. Said production will only involve Small Business Manufacturers.
Large Corporations will not receive a single penny and Americans will get put back to work.

As time passes more and more of the products citizens want will be produced by US and the
plan is to produce any/all competitve products at a lower cost than the rich corporations who go
overseas to save on production, then ship products back to sell to us for ever-increasing prices!

Each new contract is another step towards taking America back from the rich Ptb's that have
ruined the United States of America.

Each average-guy inventor client will also prosper from every other average person's designs!
A small percentage of all client profit will be 'put-in-a-pot' and monthly divided up evenly between
ALL clients. Therefore clients with less sales will benefit even beyond their own designs profits.

Right now I have need of multiple pieces of basic small parts for a design which joins two of
the worlds favorite passtimes into one. Imagine conjoining products from 400 B.C. With others
from the 1200's into a modern 21st-Century product line with various versions....A+ launch PR !
ALSO, I have numerous other designs to begin with and the FREE modus-operandi will immediately
bring other wannabe inventors to us. Contact me to set up a meeting here in Sandusky,OH.
Just follow the signs to Cedar Point Amusement Park, I'm only a mile from the Causeway.

For those GRADS among you Rapers looking for a career which is unfulfilled as yet, look no further.
Home Team of Executives positions await. Each office will receive a TOTAL NET percentage of every
client contract we produce. Specific Management needs will be discussed later.

First let's get the best possible prototypes built to get going. Nothing dificult needed to get the
first few ready for already figured out huge media release. IT WILL BE FUN!*

RepRap is humanity's first general-purpose self-replicating manufacturing machine .
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