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new group in the Big Country

Posted by dnordling 
new group in the Big Country
August 16, 2014 07:36PM

I'm building my first RepRap out here in the region locally referred to as the Big Country of central Texas (Abilene). I'm requesting help more in terms of advice and resources. Given the geographic distance from here to any other city in any direction, I have no expectation of getting a group out here. I've reached out to the Dallas group and hope to check in with San Antonio, Houston and Austin. I'd just like to make my presence known and hope to start talking about links and resources. Good relationships do not have to be local.

To start, I'm buidling a basic Wade's extruder. I have found the non-printed pieces through McMaster-Carr. I need the four printed parts to complete the extruder. I appreciate any help anyone has to offer.

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