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Design will not render

Posted by Replace 
Design will not render
November 04, 2013 06:39PM
Hi all,

i have been playing a bit to design an impression of the Stardust II, the Arkon Batleship that Perry Rhodan conquered from the TopSiders in the sega constellation.
However: In Openscad it will draw the draft perfectly (F5)
But as soon as I hit the Render function (F6), the system will progress approx 1 tenth of the progress bar and than hang….

I can cancel the render but it will never finish.

This happens in:

Openscad on Macbook
Openscad x32 on W7
Openscad x64 on W7

I attached my Openscad file. Is there anybody that can get it through the render function ?
If not…. what is wrong with the code ?

Advice appreciated

rgrds Thomas


Orca V4.4 rebuild to Ramps with Mk8 and E3D, as well as a Rostock Delta Mini and an OLO in backorder :-)
open | download - stardust-ALLin.scad (3 KB)
Re: Design will not render
November 08, 2013 12:44PM
The same is here, progress (83/1000), x64 Win7. Looks like OpenScad issue.

Take a lok at this discussion: [github.com]

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