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Looking for b2b connection

Posted by Jumperdome 
Looking for b2b connection
November 08, 2013 12:50AM
My name is Andy and a few years ago, we did start a small business with almost no cash. And I did like the jumping stilts with which we started that much, to start a business with. But what I did not like at all has been the quality of what has been available on the market and so we did throw all our cash resources in development of a better product.
Seen an accident happened on a European TV show, this has shown as bad luck for us and that business in combination with a car accident that happened at the same period of bad luck, made us loose all the financial resources we had.
But we still had our front store shop which we had transformed from a gap to a real nice place. And it has been hard work and good some cash we did throw into that shop. Our heart is into this front store shop and so we have been looking for another type of business that would fit to the place and for which I can stand for. And now since a year of two we’re running an rc store with my own products in the back of my head. What means the need of a CNC and a 3D printer, thus things that are since years in the back of my head and which would fit perfectly to the rc subject.
But what can one do, if the needed cash to open a service point, agency or to become a Distributor of something isn’t available? ………..
I think the only way is to try, try and try again to find some way, like a falling child that has to stand up again and again. And nothing less, we may have no cash for investments, but we do have other things to offer:
We have a very nice front store shop that would offer the possibility to receive customers and introduce your product on the European Market. We’re a legal and registered company. We do care about what we do sell as well as we do care about our customers and good service. And most of all one can’t buy honesty, engagement and reliability what I do consider as the most important of what we do have to offer to you. But what we would expect in return from our eventual business partner and its products as well.
By this I hope my request would be understandable to you and if you have serious intentions I would be pleased to receive an email from your part. Just look for jumperdome in Switzerland at google and you will find all further information you need. (This way to prevent spam)
Spam mails and offers that we have to consider as not serious are not replied!
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