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March 23, 2015 11:29PM
Part Time Jobs @ PiBot
We are a young team at PiBot and we are looking for skilled people to help our company to grow.

We have a number of online jobs available.

Relevant experience is preferred but is not necessary, but you must be prepared to learn.

As these jobs are online, where you are based is not important.

We do however have some basic requirements

1, Agree and adhere to our company values. Our reputation is important, so we pay close attention to our customer service and product quality.
2, You must have knowledge of electronics, and an understanding of PiBot products.
3, Language. We accept speakers of English, German, French, Italian and Latin and Arabic.

Position 1:
SEO assistant(part time jobs)

Requirements and job content:
Product analysis, keyword optimization, page content and structure are all important. You should take into account the market and our competitors when producing pages and product descriptions.

You will be paid per products or per pages optimize plus bonus (traffic converted to orders in relation to your keywords In a certain period of time)


Position 2:
Writer or Reviewer(part time jobs)

Requirements and job content:
Write news releases, articles or comments on the company’s products. Post to relevant forums or websites. These must be health related, not posted on any irrelevant sites.

Paid per article plus bonus Bonus (traffic converted to orders in a certain period of time)

Position 3:
Sales(part time jobs)

Requirements and job content:
Sell PiBot products to individuals and businesses, but please pay a close attention to our reputation. You need to analyze the market, taking into account the needs of the customer. No spam e-mails are allowed

Base Paid + Bonus


About our Reward Scheme. As each country has different rules and regulations, we will look at each situation to determine the best method of payment. We can pay by PayPal if required.

If you are interested in any of the above positions, please send an e-mail to with the following information

1: Your resume or CV and the position you are interested in.
2: Your views on the requirements and job content.
3: Your preferred method of payment.

Please feel free to contact us :-)

PiBot is growing rapidly, join us and grow with us.
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