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New divisions

Posted by Demented Chihuahua 
New divisions
March 15, 2008 12:26AM
Can we get more divisions for the number of posts a user has attained. I'm a guru but really shouldn't be in comparison to others who have been hear longer, done more, and obviously posted *WAY* more. Just a few more divisions would be cool. Something like the following:

New User: 0-20 posts
Neophyte: 21-100 posts
Seeker of Knowledge: 101-200 posts
Cartesian Hacker: 201-300 posts
Layer of Plastic: 301-400 posts
Thermo Hacker: 401-500 posts
Giver of Knowledge: 501-1000 posts
Finder of Knowledge: 1001-2000 posts
Creator of Knowledge: 2001-3000 posts
Adrian Bowyer: 3001-infinity ;-)

Not that that list is what need to be done, there are surely more clever schemes out there than that. I would just like a little more gradient in the forum. I may be alone in wanting this and there are certainly much more pressing issues. I just think it would be fun.

Also, keep up the good work!

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