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Ignore Forum module

Posted by Cefiar 
Ignore Forum module
November 08, 2011 10:37PM
Any chance we can get the 'Ignore Forum' module added? As well as the module, it requires theme changes to be made to add the button to each forum (hence the previous requests to standardise all the themes on the green 'Emerald' theme).

Note: The 'Ignore Forum' module implements a button that allows you to stop receiving 'new' post notifications for a particular forum. You can still go into the forum and read posts (which resets the 'new' notifications, so you'll see them again).
Re: Ignore Forum module
July 24, 2013 11:47PM
Now that we've got the forum updated, can we look into this module again?

I personally don't use the main page and instead have the forums I'm interested in loaded in separate tabs, but if I do visit it, I get lots of "xxxx new" on all the forums I have no intention of following.

Note: It requires changes to the forum theme, simply to display the necessary buttons to users.
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