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ShawnT98027 in Slic3r forum

Posted by Cefiar 
ShawnT98027 in Slic3r forum
March 18, 2014 08:05PM
This is getting out of hand, and I think a Mod needs to step in and do something.

See [forums.reprap.org] - Specifically his last post.

To quote from the last post (at time of writing this):

Three things... that is my purpose as a contributor.
  • To help one person a day actually fix their printer/prints (rather than like a lot of posters with less knowledge and understanding; that lead the unknowingly around to chase their tail around forever; screw-up their printer further, never fix the problem, and becoming just another serial blogger/poster).
  • To steer just one person a day away from Slic3r, and free up there time/life, as so they can spend more time printing successfully, and more time with their family, children, wife, girl friend, friends etc. I shorted the people that are important to me, over the last 2-3 years of my time and being there for them, because I always had to try one more tweak or work-around in Slic3r.
  • Give the unknowingly a clue... that you can't circumvent crappy slicing software by manipulating your slicer profiles, modifying your firmware or blaming your machine.
That is my goal, plain and simple.

So effectively this is like a Windows person constantly saying "Stop using a Mac. It's rubbish. Switch to Windows" to every enquiry. Or a Linux person constantly doing the same Re: Windows. It's stupid, it's not productive, and it's annoying as hell. Plus, the way he's coming across, it's not polite - it's in your face, like he's yelling at you to repent your sins.

Can someone either reign this guy in, or please do SOMETHING about his behaviour?

PS: I don't use Slic3r much, but I watch the forum with interest, and I'm sick of seeing this guys blatant disregard for courtesy and civil behaviour.

PPS: It takes a lot to make me want to complain, but I've had enough of this guy. I'll be ignoring his posts from now on (even if he replies here).
Re: ShawnT98027 in Slic3r forum
March 19, 2014 11:27AM
Hi Cefiar, I just saw this message today. I don't know if one of the other moderators has already intervened, and I can't speak for them. However, in my opinion what ShawnT98027 wrote rises only to the level of "heated disagreement" and is still permissible by the forum rules. You may disagree with him, but his post is on topic and he is not trolling, name-calling, or resorting to personal attacks.

We have several users here who are/were known for their rudeness (who have either been banned already or are constantly skirting the edge of being banned) and I don't think this particular post by ShawnT98027 comes anywhere close to that line...

That said, this is just my own personal opinion on the matter, and other moderators may feel differently...
Re: ShawnT98027 in Slic3r forum
March 20, 2014 08:00PM
I agree with MattMoses. ShawnT98027's posts are rather "holier-than-thou", but still permissible.

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