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paypal and blackhats

Posted by SebastienBailard 
paypal and blackhats
January 22, 2010 08:32PM
[Originally pm'ed to JAGS]

I've been thinking about the way we have paypal links on every page.

I think once we have 10,000 pages and 10,000 users, etc. we're going to have at least one mischevious or "blackhat" type, including a bot, who will go around pointing them at this:
or, more likely, into their own pocket.

This is a cat and mouse game which is utterly impossible for us administrators to enforce.

I think from this point on, we'll encourage users to keep a link to their paypal account on their own home page, because we can have a script keep an eye on that, lock it, or warn users that it has been changed.

All this is tentative and experimental, and there is no policy on it yet.

The short version of all this is:
Don't be surprised if the paypal links on pages disappear.

I do encourage you to use your RepRap homepage for this:
and we may be able to provide a subdomain
MrJagannathan.reprap.org eventually.

This is a good place to discuss these matters if you have any thoughts or questions:

p.s. Thanks for uploading those files.
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