Policy? We have a policy?
January 25, 2010 01:48AM
I'm having a go at rewriting Policy on the [[Library]] page.

I knew it needed rewriting, and Jonathan pointed out that it had a bug list tacked on the bottom, and are bugs policy now? smiling smiley

I'll have something decent up there in a day or two for us to consider, along with the mailing-list devs. Hopefully I'll write something better than a set of notes that germinated in a bug list. ... (Rather like some exotic policy-flower, rooted in nourishing decaying organic matter.) smiling smiley

In other news, we need bug tracking. People who have systems they like are very welcome to discuss them. (But please start new threads.)

Since I'm tinkering with the policy page, I thought you guys should know. Because eventually (a month or two?) we'll have something worth following, after some open discussion.
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