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New Location of topics from Prism Mendel forum

Posted by MattMoses 
New Location of topics from Prism Mendel forum
March 06, 2015 12:54AM
This is for archival purposes.

As part of the "Machines Variations" reorganization discussed in this thread, all topics in the Prism forum were moved into the "Mendel and Prusa Mendel" forum. After the empty Prism forum was deleted, old links to the Prism topics apparently no longer redirect to the topics in their new locations.

Here are updated links to all of the topics that were in the Prism forum:

Extrusion size and milling
Prism Vertical X axis
The PrismX
Prism tricolour
OB1 Prism
workshop Grenoble (FR): 3 new prism
What are BOM changes for 500mm extrusion Prism 1.5?
Introducing the Prism Mendel
Prism Makerslide Build
Prism 1.5 update
Prism versions
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