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New forum category for Smoothie ?

Posted by arthurwolf 
New forum category for Smoothie ?
March 06, 2016 11:18AM

I've seen a few times now on this forum users request a new section be opened for the Smoothieboard hardware, and/or Smoothieware firmware.

While I felt Smoothie was very under-represented ( on this forum and on the wiki ), Smoothie is my baby so I'm not the best person to go ask how popular Smoothie really is.

So I did a simple analysis of the #reprap IRC logs, to see if some trends could be extracted.

You can see the results here : [reprap.org]

Considering this, I think it'd be a good idea to add sections to the forum for Smoothie. I already help users on the Smoothieware.org forums, I'd be glad to do the same here.

Re: New forum category for Smoothie ?
March 11, 2016 06:49PM
That's a nice looking chart. It would be interesting to see how other things trend (can't think of anything specific at the moment, but I'm sure there are tons of interesting topics to track).

Anyway... I am OK with adding a Smoothie forum. (I am OK with adding forums for certain other boards/firmwares too...)

As we did with the Duet forum, how about we wait a week or two and see if there are any major objections, and then if not I can create a Smoothie forum.

A question for other Admins and/or forum readers who might know these things: Is it bad to add too many forums from a server-load perspective, i.e. if we keep adding forums will it compound the existing problems with server resources? Or is it no big deal?
Re: New forum category for Smoothie ?
March 12, 2016 04:10AM
If you have ideas of what to make charts about, I can probably make a few. I was thinking of comparing hotends, and comparing firmwares. Though it can be a bit more difficult to extract the data.

Completely fine with waiting a week before creating the new forum.

I don't expect it's hard on the server to add forums. I'm a bit concerned about the crazy number of forums we have nowadays, some of which are about things nobody has used in years. Is there some way to cleanly "archive" things ? Would make for a cleaner homepage.
Re: New forum category for Smoothie ?
June 01, 2016 05:08PM
So, nobody objected, it's been a long while. How about we do it ? smiling smiley
Re: New forum category for Smoothie ?
June 07, 2016 12:54AM
OK, here you go: Smoothie forum
Re: New forum category for Smoothie ?
June 12, 2016 12:58PM
Thanks a lot !

Already some information on there smiling smiley

Could I be made admin/mod for that forum ? ( mostly want to be able to temporarily pin announcements about help needed to test new features, and maybe a permanent thread about safety )

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