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racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org

Posted by ayozek 
racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org
August 14, 2021 02:51PM
this is the thread recycled plastics,metals and geopolymers, biopolymers for numerical machines (extended)

and the screen caption high resolution image

as i said there must be other forum administrators that can expel, ban or remove his normalized hate speech in the shape of generalizations without evidence or cultural or racial smears (masked as opinion or free speech) in the following days, if that's not the case i will erase my account and this thread content (or remove the thread and leave the account and this post in visibility) and make another thread in other forum that doesn't allow racial supremacy, that otherwise is still permited in youtube with various uploaded videos smearing chinese products as part of a big chinese thing rather than focus in the chinese brands that produce them and their market segment.

to debunk his comment, one just can type recycled "whatever" in alibaba and find that almost any chinese factory industrial production leftovers are recycled and available to buy in bulk from china because almost any commodity is monetized in contrast to german consume and throw (to fake recycling bins lol), whatever the fancy companies in us or germany that advertise their new proprietary recycling processes, that obviously have no large market presence or have not being applied, and also if the us or germany claim that they don't contaminate is because they export their industrial contamination footprint to china, a country that has their own environmental legislation as well and most of their population live in the communist side with no consumerism at all (that doesn't justify their legal contamination or industrial complex "as usual" imported by the us, germany, uk, etc)

heres a random article about asian hate in germany towards the chinese, though it comes from supremacist ideas of the 1800s and 1900s today there's a escalating hate and smearing due germany loss of industrial market to china, a thing that i am personally very happy and has been the basis for the last decades flourishing of the diy community and self replicating machines, a phenomenon that makes possible the emancipation from the same toxic german and chinese industrial hubs or in other words, to create industrial decentralization diy nodes that are the essential part of the circular industry with renewables, reduction of mass trade transportation, recycling and non toxic processes

Racism in Germany: A Chinese-American reckoning

i find insulting techno smears and scapegoating towards the chinese, however this is an international forum and i cannot compare my emotions with asians and chinese users that can read those racist derogative generalizations and their reactions feeling impotent towards allowed racism and scapegoating or just leaving the forum.

I ask for the expulsion of this forum's administrators VDX and also b4ndit and NewPerfection as they have been defending him exposing their racism as well in an international forum, I could ask their identification to take legal action in an european court, at least VDX that is german

tags: scapegoating, racial smear, racial prejudice, supremacy, systemic racism, techno racism, asian hate, reprap.

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Re: racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org
August 14, 2021 06:12PM
ok, its official, the administrator that made the racist comment (supported by other administrators) has used an argument about tension building and blocked the thread, probably has multiple accounts.

... before this dispute gets out of control (or ist it already?) I'll close this thread and will observe the further development ...

so I will upload the entire thread image and another image of the last posts while I will order the thread to made removed, keep this account floating and this post under visibility.

I will expose this allowed racism in cnc, 3d printing forums, reddit, etc in case there aren't actions taken against this administrator.

full thread image full res picture

last posts image

last post image full res picture

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Re: racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org
August 14, 2021 06:23PM
... are you serious?

You're starting a flame-war for "racistic hate speech" and act/argue even more "racistic" and "hatefull" for a comment meant neither "racistic" nor "hatefull"???

If you'll read your own writings -- you're insulting/attacking me for a misinterpretation in "my own personal space"!! ... here your own words:


"yes i will proudly use my right to commit an act of physical violence against anyone invading my space or public space with hate speech as it happened in uk during the battle of cable street, and i know that you are using this argument as an hyperbole to silence me or get me banned"

It's not my intention to silence or ban someone not accepting my personal view -- but, if this gets out of control, I have to act accordingly ...

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Re: racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org
August 14, 2021 06:45PM
this is not a game of more this or more that, either you are racist or have made a racist comment or Not, and its your racism and myth spreading and scapegoating which fuels hate and so violent crimes.

don't forget that even when you have stained and destroyed my useful thread and endure your indifferent supremacist attitude and racism i have not said anything personal about you because its not about me but racism, however i could take legal actions and denounce you in an european court (yes i have eu passport) or german for online hate speech even if reprap servers are in the us.

You are still not only trying to divert attention and guilt but avoiding to rectify and apologize and even worse, denying the racism in your comment, and you have made a censorship as forum administrator as personal retaliation and pathetic punishment based in the exposure and description of your racism, i don't know what is more inappropriate or reason for expulsion from a public forum.

words and phrases have consequences and you aren't shielded from moral scrutiny nor have hate crime immunity (hate speech, cultural-racial smears, etc), you don't need to be a far-right extremist to be a racial supremacy apologist or have a racist behaviour or comment to be removed from the public space.

you may think it was your opinion taken out of context but this is a real serious issue and i hope you get expelled in the coming days, not for a desire of winning but for the health of the international internet community.

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Re: racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org
August 14, 2021 07:33PM
this is an article about racist or xenophobic myth spreading and stereotypes, those myths are more extreme but similar in nature with the administrator comment.

How to argue with a racist: Five myths debunked

How to argue with a racist: Five myths debunked


16 March 2020

Stereotypes and myths about race abound, but this does not make them true. Often, these are not even expressed by overt racists.

For many well-intentioned people, experience and cultural history has steered them towards views that aren't supported by human genetics. For example: the assumption that East Asian students are inherently better at maths, black people have natural rhythm, or Jews are good with money. Many of us know someone who thinks along these lines.

Dr Adam Rutherford, a geneticist and BBC presenter, says "Racism is being expressed in public more openly today than at any time I can recall, and it's our duty to contest it with facts."

Here's how to debunk five racist myths with science and facts.

MYTH 1: The DNA of white and black people is completely different
A multi-ethnic group of young school children are indoors in their classroom, playing instruments.image sourceGetty Images
image captionFACT: All humans share almost all of their DNA

The primary pigment in human skin is melanin. It's used to protect us from the sun.

It absorbs the sun's ultra violet rays before they can destroy folate, one of the body's key vitamins.

Many genes are involved in the biochemical pathways that result in melanin production. Natural variation within these genes is the root cause of the spectrum of skin tones that humans have.

So, the biggest genetic difference within the human race is between white people and black people, right? Wrong.

Firstly, all humans share almost all the same DNA - a fact that betrays all of our recent origins from Africa.

Secondly, there is more genetic diversity on the continent of Africa than in the rest of the world put together.

Two people from different tribes in Southern Africa will be more genetically different from each other than a Sri Lankan, a Māori and a Russian.

We might categorise people as white, black or brown, but these visual variations don't accurately reflect the genetic differences - or rather similarities - between us.

MYTH 2: There is such a thing as 'racial purity'
Concept image: All hands together, racial equality in teamimage sourceGetty Images
image captionFACT: "Racial purity is pure fantasy"

We think of certain areas, lands or peoples as being isolated - either physically or culturally - and these boundaries as being insurmountable.

But this is neither what history, nor genetics, tell us. In fact, no nation is static.

"People have moved around the world throughout history, and had sex whenever and wherever they could," says Dr Rutherford.

Sometimes these are big moves in short times.

More often, people are largely static over a few generations - and that can feel like a geographical and cultural anchor.

"Nevertheless, every Nazi has Jewish ancestors" says Dr Rutherford, "Every white supremacist has Middle Eastern ancestors. Every racist has African, Indian, East Asian ancestors, as well as everyone else."

"Racial purity is pure fantasy. For humans, there are no pure bloods. Only mongrels enriched by the blood of multitudes," he says.

MYTH 3: 'Germany for the Germans', 'Turkey for the Turks' (and other variations)
Meat porters march on the UK Home Office in 1972, bearing a "Britain for the British" bannerimage sourceGetty Images
image captionA 1972 protest in the UK calling for an end to immigration

Some people experience a lot of angst about migrants and refugees coming to their country, a phenomenon that has been experienced in many places around the world of late.

Among recent examples, the shooting rampage last month that started in a shisha bar in Hanau, Germany, was motivated by a far-right doctrine to expel or murder immigrants.

Those on the far right have long expressed anger in the form of epithets: "Germany for the Germans", "France for the French", "Turkey for the Turks" and "Italy for Italians" have all been used as anti-immigration phrases by far-right groups.

"Go back to where you came from" is an offensive phrase that resonates all over the world.

In truth, countries like Germany, France, Turkey and Italy have had immigration throughout their history. In fact, just about everywhere has.

The British Isles, for instance, have become home to migrants since they separated from the continent around 7,500 years ago.

Before the French took over in 1066, that part of the world had been invaded by Vikings, Angles, Saxons, Huns, and dozens of other smaller tribes and clans.

And even before that, the Romans ruled, which in their turn came from all over the intercontinental empire, which reached as far as sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

Earlier still, around 4,500 years ago Britain was populated primarily by farmers, who had migrated from Europe across what was continuous terrain between the Netherlands and East Anglia.

On the basis of DNA evidence, we think they may have been olive skinned, with dark hair and brown eyes.

And before them there were hunter-gatherers, who had even darker skin.

So, when political parties or even racists say: "France for the French", or "Italy for the Italians" and talk about "indigenous" people... who do they actually mean?

MYTH 4: A genealogy test can prove someone is 100% white
Small group of young friends are hanging out in a public park.image sourceGetty Images
image captionYou carry DNA from only half of your ancestors dating eleven generations back

Genealogy and ancestry fascinate us - and racists in particular.

Websites like Stormfront are frequented by white nationalist, white supremacist, and anti-Semitic members who forward theories for Holocaust-denial and are obsessed with population genetics.

They use mainstream genealogy tests, like those offered by Ancestry DNA, to "prove" they are 100% white or non-Jewish.

However, the logic is flawed.

DNA can tell you some interesting things about family history - and it's very useful for identifying close family like lost siblings or biological parents - but its powers are profoundly limited by fundamental biology.

Over time, descendants start to shed the DNA of their actual ancestors, and the amount that vanishes builds up over the generations to be huge..

You carry DNA from only half of your ancestors dating eleven generations back. So it is possible that you are genetically unrelated to people you are actually descended from as recently as the 18th Century.

"You are descended from multitudes, from all around the world, from people you think you know and from more you know nothing about," says Dr Rutherford, "You will have no meaningful genetic link to many of them."

5. Black people are better at running than white people
Jamaica's Usain Bolt (C) jokes with Canada's Andre De Grasse (L) after they crossed the finish line in the Men's 200m Semifinal during the athletics event at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on 17 August, 2016image sourceGetty Images
image captionUsain Bolt's apparent easy wins seemed to fuel this erroneous idea

The last white man to compete in a 100m final at the Olympics was in 1980.

Since then, black athletes have dominated the modern era of sprinting. This has fuelled a commonly held belief that people of African descent have an advantage at the sport because of their genetic ancestry.

"Maybe there are probabilistic predictions one could make about ethnicity and sporting success based on genetics," says Dr Rutherford, "but they would be weak at best."

In actual fact, the genetics of sporting success are wickedly complex.

There are a myriad of factors in physiology of physicality, including the size of your heart, the efficiency with which you absorb oxygen, and muscular recovery, says Rutherford.

And these are relatively well understood phenomena which do have a genetic basis. But there are other physical traits (such as flexibility and co-ordination) which are less well understood.

On top of that, there's the psychological dimension: determination, concentration, and risk-taking, for example.

We do know that people who are good at explosive-energy sports tend to have a higher proportion of "fast-twitch" muscle cells, that process energy more quickly.

The genetics that underlie this involve a gene called ACTN3.

Studies have shown that elite athletes in power and strength sports are more likely to have copies of the R-type of ACTN3. The research indicates the gene occurs in a higher proportion of African Americans (96%) compared to white Americans (80%).

That does give a slight, population-wide advantage to African Americans to take place in explosive-energy sports - but it doesn't come anywhere close to explaining the difference between the number of African American sprinters and white competitors.

If it just came down to that gene, you might expect to see six black elite sprinters for every five white runners.

Adam says this is a simplistic analysis, but still a good example of how genetics don't align with racial stereotypes in sports.
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Re: racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org
August 14, 2021 08:00PM
Rise in anti-Asian hate crimes should highlight myths about how Canadians view themselves, advocate says

Rise in anti-Asian hate crimes should highlight myths about how Canadians view themselves, advocate says

Nick Wells
The Canadian Press
Published March 19, 2021
Updated March 19, 2021

Amy Go says she was saddened by the shootings in Atlanta that left six Asian American women dead, but as an Asian Canadian woman, she wasn’t surprised.

Go, the president of the Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice, said many Asian Canadian women have experienced hatred or violence in their daily life.

“There’s so much pain and grief,” she said about her initial reaction to the attack. “At the same time, as Asian Canadian women, none of us were surprised. There was no sense of shock. It was as if we knew this was coming … it just happened to be in Atlanta.”

The killings in Atlanta follow a wave of recent attacks against Asian Americans and Canadians since the novel coronavirus first arrived in North America.

In Atlanta, the 21-year-old suspect has denied his attack was racially motivated and claimed to have a “sex addiction,” with authorities saying he apparently saw massage parlours as sources of temptation.

The national council has tracked 931 anti-Asian racist incidents during COVID-19, and Go said the numbers should highlight myths about how Canadians view themselves.

“This myth about Canada that we are multicultural, more kind, we’re gentler than Americans, to me that’s just a myth. As racialized Canadians, particularly racialized women, we know that the reality is quite different,” she said.

Federal Trade Minister Mary Ng, who was born in Hong Kong before moving to Canada when she was seven, said she’s been the victim of discrimination.

“Every time I speak out about the need for us to keep working together as Canadians to prevent more intolerance and incidents of anti-Asian hate or discrimination, I will get a whole lot of other responses that are not becoming of Canadians,” she said in an interview.

She said the news of Tuesday’s attack left her feeling “horrified” and she emphasized the need for Canadians to offer support to the Asian Canadian community.

“I think the request is that Asian Canadians need all Canadians to stand alongside us, to speak out and to be vocal and to stand against anti-Asian racism and to certainly stand up for us in this fight,” Ng said.

Police in major cities across Canada have recorded increases in hate crimes in the past year, although not all could identify the specific targets of the alleged crimes.

Vancouver police reported a 717 per cent increase in anti-Asian hate crimes between 2019 and 2020, with the incidents peaking in May. Incidents in Vancouver have ranged from assaults to racist graffiti targeting businesses.

Sgt. Steve Addison, a Vancouver police spokesman, said in an e-mail that police do not have the ability to recommend hate crimes charges under the Criminal Code. It is a sentencing provision that is applied by the courts if a person is convicted of a Criminal Code offence, Addison said.

Toronto police said it has seen an increase in the number of hate-motivated occurrences, comparing 2019 with 2020 – including incidents against Asian people – but could not provide data.

Ottawa police reported an increase of 56.9 per cent in the number of hate crime reports between 2019 and 2020, and noted Asian Canadians have seen the largest increase in hate incidents directed toward them.

Henry Yu, an associate professor in the University of British Columbia’s history department, said Asians have historically been blamed for a range of societal problems in Canada.

Yu cited the recent examples of people listing Chinese investment in Vancouver’s real estate market as a reason they cannot afford homes or the racist stereotype of Asians as poor drivers as ways Canadians blame others.

“I’m not a sex worker, I’m not female, but it doesn’t matter. The idea that Asians are blamed and scapegoated for societal problems that have nothing to do with us, that is what makes you feel insecure,” he said.

Discrimination against Asians can be traced back to when Canada became a formal country in 1867, he said, pointing to examples like the head tax specifically targeting people of Asian origin.

“(Discriminatory legislation) went hand in hand with the founding of the country,” he said.
Re: racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org
August 14, 2021 08:10PM
I don't personally see anything really constituting "hate speech" or "racism" here. At worst, it could be classified as a criticism of Chinese affairs, but that is absolutely not the same thing as racism.
Re: racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org
August 14, 2021 08:22PM
scapegoating uses stereotypes and generalizing, while blaming a hypothetical weak link and is one of the pillars of racism and hate spread.

the administrator wont signal an unskilled german company making a messy work. for him the blame is directed to the scapegoat, the chinese society or a chinese sector that built those blocks, so now the entire german collective are out of guilt or mishandling

that's supremacist and racist.

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Re: racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org
August 14, 2021 08:43PM
the administrator wont signal an unskilled german company making a messy work. for him the blame is directed to the scapegoat, the entire chinese society or a chinese sector that build those blocks, so now the german collective are out of guilt or mishandling

I must have missed the part where he was talking about the Germans? I read through the whole thread and I don't see where you're drawing this conclusion.

Additionally, posting generic articles about racism is not helping convey your case at all. Instead, you should be focusing on why you personally feel his comment was racist.
Re: racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org
August 14, 2021 08:55PM
he's german and he is claiming that waste, botched jobs and failed industry only exists in a supposed chinese entity or that is a chinese thing, and so the entire german community is free of guilt, and for example he doesn't even mention the industry hub that have created most of the mass industrial planned obsolescence junk trough a century, germany, the great industrial resource waster with a list of failed cars and appliances trough decades, etc

that's supremacist and racist, and if you cannot understand this explanation its your problem because you are a racist as well, i will ask for your expulsion.

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Re: racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org
August 14, 2021 09:00PM
This whole thing is bewildering. I still don’t understand how VDX’s comments can be construed to be racist.

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Re: racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org
August 14, 2021 09:02PM
if you don't see racism even when explaining, you are a denier or accomplice and that makes you a racist and its your problem

i will ask for your expulsion as well.

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Re: racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org
August 14, 2021 09:56PM
I think we've reached an impasse here. None of the admins are able to see this from your perspective, ayozek.

Don't get me wrong, I understand what you're saying, but you are placing a meaning on what VDX said that simply does not exist and nobody but you is interpreting it that way.
Re: racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org
August 14, 2021 10:08PM
i haven't seen them posting their opinions so your talk is worth nothing.

you haven't understood or admitted racism, and racism is a fact and a moral crime written in the legal code, not an interpretation or context, even when you have a defensive or normality sense after years seated in this forum and bring pseudo corporate talk, when corporations fire instantly employees for inappropriate or unethical behaviour.

internet isn't a carnival dress or void where you are free from authorship, responsibility and exposure to the legal system

as an administrator you have the legal and moral right to identify and reject racism, and so you now have a real legal problem, i wont stop until the three of you are expelled and is published an acknowledging and apology

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Re: racial supremacy is allowed in reprap.org
August 15, 2021 06:00AM
... then here my last comment, before I close this thread too, as it's gone way beyound sound discussion eye rolling smiley

First, I live in Germany, but was born and lived some years in central Asia.

Second, I didn't know, YOU were Chinese, so apologies about this.

Then -- my mention about "tofu-dreg projects" was only meant to show a bad habit with wasting usefull ressources, as this inhabitable houses and collapsing bridges, streets or other infrastructure is a pure waste! -- I've too linked a Wikipedia-article about: [en.wikipedia.org]

So again, I apologise for not knowing, you're Chinese! -- but all my comments and posts were not "racistic" nor "hatefull" ... and the closing of the previous thread was mainly for stopping your "flame-war", before it goes havoc!

I don't know, why this is actually focussed in China -- here in Europe it's not this regular ... a bridge collapsed in Italy some years ago, what was in the main media ... but it's not on regular basis.

Now this is the next "toxic" thread, I have to close ... but I let them both open, so others can read the complete story and eventually post some comments in another thread, related to "racism" or "hate speech" in this forum ...

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