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Edit blocked for spam, want to sort it out so I can contribute to the wiki.

Posted by sapient_cogbag 
Sometime around July of last year I did a decent amount of preliminary/exploratory research into some potential routes to manufacturing integrated circuits, and wrote a fair amount on my ideas for potential components of how to do it. For example, there's some promising stuff on graphene production and non-bulk/maskless doping mechanisms (e.g. laser doping), I'm very into the concept of self-replicating decentralised manufacturing and my desire to contribute on this is related to my frustration at the fragility of supply chains and desire for true-open hardware (note that when I say self-replicating, I generally refer to the notion of a system capable of producing all complex components for itself, where the lower the minimum structural sophistication of any of it's external required inputs to produce a copy, the "more" self-replicating it is ^.^).

I tried to post it to the wiki on a new page but it got blocked for spam (since I linked research papers, which I found out recently is probably what caused the edit to be locked out), which makes sense but I didn't realize what specific characteristic was causing it at that time.

I did try to message an admin on the forum via PM but I didn't get a reply (fair enough, people have their own lives ^.^), and then my attention went elsewhere and I got a bit frustrated and didn't come back to sort it out or make a post here because of social anxiety, a shift in attention, and other more serious stuff.

However, I've come back to this as well as done more research on some more radical potential production methods and alternate fabrication processes as well, and have been exploring more mechanisms for those, and I want to post all this stuff publicly on the wiki where others with more resources than myself can contribute or do practical experiments, and so that the basic ideas can't get re-discovered elsewhere, patented, and locked down. As such, I want to sort out:
  • Letting me create the page "Semiconductor Manufacturing" or otherwise get my partial work out there onto the wiki by whichever method is best for doing that, which is what I tried to do originally last year
  • Clarifying the correct location and pages for development of new fabrication processes (or potential components of processes), and more exploratory engineering stuff or research paths. More generally, where does development of non-3D-printer self-replicating technology go on the wiki or even on the forum?
For context on the kind of things involved in what I have put together, I've essentially done searches through a number of research topics and papers, as well as an examination of existing technologies and their precision, to scout out potential ways to perform the various parts of 3D synthesis or 2.5D circuitry construction - for instance, patterning, dopants, layer composition, etc. and built up partial notes on various potential ways to do each of them as well as how they might be combined or what they are compatible with.

e.g. I've looked at various processes that can produce graphene on certain classes of polymers, as well as ways to *pattern* where that process occurs, and then by logic you can probably combine various different types of patterning and various different types of localised graphene production, and various different thin film synthesis mechanisms for those polymers, to come up with a matrix of potential processes to explore ^.^

I'm not going to link my user page on the wiki because I don't know if that will trigger some sort of filter, but it's "Sapient cogbag" (basically because wiki software mangles my online identity/name into a weird capitalized version with a space in it ;p).

Thanks smiling smiley

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Re: Edit blocked for spam, want to sort it out so I can contribute to the wiki.
May 16, 2023 12:38PM
There is no blocks on that user name on the wiki that I can find.

New users cannot post any links. This is to stop spam-vertising and attempts at search engine optimization manipulation.

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I figured out that last bit only recently and it does make sense, I'm not objecting to it as a measure I just got caught up in it smiling smiley

I'm just not sure what else I should do first so I can post my research which does have links to scientific papers in it, since I don't have things to contribute other than the research I did/am doing ;p

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 05/16/2023 12:47PM by sapient_cogbag.

⌬sapient_cogbag⌬ [they/them]
Wants a nanofactory (to make programmer socks)
Re: Edit blocked for spam, want to sort it out so I can contribute to the wiki.
May 16, 2023 02:27PM
... for making graphene you can carbonize (massive overheat) PC with a laser - did this by error and crated some white "magic smoke", which condensed on a tile as total black coating.

For "laser-doping" search for "laser assisted thermal transfer" ... or for diverse coating methodes for "LIFT" = "Laser Induced Forward Transfer" smoking smiley

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Re: Edit blocked for spam, want to sort it out so I can contribute to the wiki.
May 17, 2023 11:38AM
Brand new wiki accounts cannot post links and some other things to prevent a never-ending barrage of SPAM (thousands per DAY!). It's actually very effective, but some legit users get caught up in the filtering as well. Thankfully, the solution is simple: let the account age for a few days and during that time, make some meaningful content without links in it. All the blocks on your account will be lifted after the content filter system sees that you didn't just register a wiki account to post links everywhere.

If it's been more than 3 days and you've made more than a couple edits and the issue hasn't cleared up, post back here and let me know so I can investigate.
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