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WIKI Clean up

Posted by sobil 
WIKI Clean up
April 26, 2024 01:02AM
Hey Admins

I've been trying to tidy up parts of the WIKI, improving readablity and removing duplication.

I would like to take this a bit further by:

- Refreshing the main page reflecting the current state of the reprap movement, improving the call to actions and moving some of the existing content to the history/about page.
- Align the menu options with the {{Portal Header}}.
- consolidate then remove some duplicate model pages.

Wondering if I can get access to this to help out by doing this work or pair with someone with the access to bring it up to date?

Re: WIKI Clean up
April 26, 2024 04:39AM
Only a few get to edit the main pages, as to many attempt to change the wiki to their personal advertising platform

Your creation of https://reprap.org/wiki/Discontinued_Models and edits https://reprap.org/wiki/Build_a_RepRap is in my view an example of just that, where by your pushing the printers you like to the front of the queue

Most of these are not even what I would call reprap, they are post reprap 3d printers.

But I have notified the site owner of this request

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Re: WIKI Clean up
April 26, 2024 07:46AM
Hi Simon.

Perhaps the page should not be called "Discontinued models". For in what sense are they discontinued if they are established, but merely no longer being developed? Please change that to "Established models" And maybe add a sentence at the top saying, "All the machines have a dated edit history you can see when you visit their pages; this will allow you to tell how old the design is."

And the machines on the "Build a RepRap" page should not necessarily be either the latest or those under active development (for which latter "Experimental" might be a better category). I think the primary criterion for machines to appear on that page (after their being open source, of course) should be ease of self-replication.

As far as editing the restricted pages is concerned that would be welcome, but please construct a sandbox alternative then let the admins know about it for their consideration.

best wishes


Re: WIKI Clean up
April 30, 2024 04:28AM
Thanks to both for the enlightening responses. I'll take this on board and make the suggested updates when the wiki is back online. If you need assistance, cloud engineering is my game, I'd be happy to help.

Forgive my use of "discontinued"; I've always understood it to mean no longer being continued/developed. I went through every project and checked to see if they were in active development and truncated the list to something practical and less confronting for a new user. I hope we agree that the "Build a RepRap" page should point people in the direction of active projects with good communities. I don't have any of those printers myself, but they seem popular in the wider community and adopt the "right" ethos as far as i can tell.

I'd love to continue this conversation around RepRap being focused on "self-replication". I've always understood the ideal that the intent of RepRap is practical, open, and rapid replication of almost anything... even itself. With "itself" not being the primary purpose, just a beneficial and illustrative side effect.
Re: WIKI Clean up
May 02, 2024 09:20AM
Hey Viktor and Vik,

Seems like a great conversation, but a bit off topic, Can you move this to another thread?

I'd love to see a RepRap project page for what your working on too? Is there one?

Re: WIKI Clean up
May 02, 2024 10:32AM
... there is the "tech-talk" subforum, so I'll move it there ... but if there is some interest, I can create a forum related to "micro/nano-tech" too ...

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Call for the project "garbage-free seas" - [reprap.org]
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