F&M: color of the month october
30. September 2014 18:15
This month has also been a busy month:
Kiala shipments (less expensive, but a bit slower than MyParcel) is now also possible to Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Spain.
Filament & meer translates to “Filament and more”. Now it is time to start the “more” part of the name. A new category “Printer parts” has been added. It contains hotends, thermistors and solid state relays, but also kapton tape. A few products are already up, but more will follow.

The color of the month for this month is green.

ABS 1.75 mm,
ABS 3.0 mm,
PLA 1.75 mm en
PLA 3.0 mm

is sold at a discount price all month long.


ABS filament in 40+ colors,
Flexible filament in 5 colors,
HIPS filament in 8 colors,
Metal PLA filament in 3 colors,
Nylon filament in 3 colors,
PETG filament in 6 colors,
PLA filament in 40+ colors.
PVA filament.
Wood filament in 2 colors..

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