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Makerbot board conversion

geschrieben von morecrabs 
Makerbot board conversion
05. May 2020 09:22
Making an honest attempt to convert this old makerbot replicator one to a new board since the old one is dead and the repair/replacement of the board is not economical. Ended up going with a mks gen l ramps 1.0 24 volt

The electronic conversion went smoothlsmoothly enough aside from I am at a loss what to do about the hotend fans as the mks gen l 1.0 has only a single fan port anyone else ever setup a mks gen l with multiple hot ends? And if so how did you arrange the fan's?

The marlin firmware trim up is nearly complete and will gladly post it up for anyone else who also has a dead makerbot, but just had this single hang up before continuing.
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