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extrem komisches Hotbed Probe verhalten

geschrieben von Tryptamine 
extrem komisches Hotbed Probe verhalten
30. November 2022 17:24
I have an extremely strange behaviour with the heated bed of my Hypercube Evolution and can not figure out what is causing it.

When I mesh probed my first 6mm Aluminium Plate, I noticed it is very convex (has a huge hill) at the back-middle.

Thinking I somehow bent the plate while using a CNC to drill the holes, or the plate might be just poorly made. So I bought another plain milled Aluminium Plate, 8mm this time, homogenized and relaxed so it does not bend when heated.

I treated it as carefully as I could and just mounted it.

The first measurement showed it ALSO HAS A HILL at the back-middle, as can be seen in picture 1:

How likely is it that the new plate has a curvature at the exact same place as the old one? Not at all.
To be sure, I rotated the plate clockwise by 90° and measured again, this time 5 points.
The result is the same: A Convex curvature at the back-middle (picture 2)

But what could be causing this?

If the curve was from front to back in the middle, it would most likely be the x-axis rods. But only at the back? I am completely clueless.

Does anybody have an idea what could be causing this?
Many thanks in advance!
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