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London RepRaps needed for printing artwork

Posted by ensor89 
London RepRaps needed for printing artwork
June 09, 2018 08:55AM
Hello London RepRap community members,

I am interested in distributing the ownership of a highly visible artwork through collaboration, network building, and open source development. The exhibition will be held In New Cross during the Masters of Fine Arts Degree show. My research as a graduate student has led me to concerns with the production of artworks through a distributed means. I am asking the London RepRap community for help with my degree!

I have worked on a file to create a Geosphere that is roughly larger than three meters in diameter. The nodes of the intersecting rods will be made of 3d prints. I believe the printing should be distributed across London. Through this process I hope to connect a network of artists, designers, and makers to a greater community.

DEADLINE IS 01/07/2018

Please contact me if you would be interested in taking part in the project. Thank you and happy making winking smiley

Best regards,
Richard Ensor

For further information as to how you can be involved, email me at renso002@gold.ac.uk

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Re: London RepRaps needed for printing artwork
June 10, 2018 06:37AM
I am asking for generosity but also understand that RepRaps don't always print without problems (problems cost time and money).

If a fee is required for the print time, I would be interested in quotes.

I would prefer to find as many collaborators as possible to help create the work. This project would require coordinating our efforts so that each edition of brackets do not contain any extra prints or wasted efforts.

Ideally, the work would be better if members of the RepRap community would like to take ownership of the project or stimulate new ideas for future works. It would be good to find collaborators but I can provide compensation for materials and expenses as long as it is reasonable.

Maybe it is too ambitious to create the work by the deadline stated above... Lets give it a try. I am ok with it being a work in progress if I don't have to compromise the core principles of the work.

Personalization and edits to the prints are encouraged as long as it does not compromise the points where the rods connect.


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