high temp pt100 sensor instalation for 450c temp extrusion
October 09, 2020 10:50AM
Hi I am working on a high temperature capable cr10ish printer
I would like to install a pt100 sensor to monitor the heating of the hotend (v6 gold edition with copper plated heat block and nozzle x) I would like to know how I can wire the thermistor to a panda pi. but I also have a skr 1.4t, skr 1.1 and a mks sbase 1.3. I would prefer to use the panda pi but after months of trying to make this printer and having this pt100 sensor problem, broke a skr 1.4t already.... i am close to give up. I would like somebody's help and I will pay for the service. I have the pt100 signal booster board and the max31855 board (what duex2 pt100 daughterboard uses) ... If somebody is willing to help me out with the wiring, firmware and make the hotend heat to 400+ degrees i would gladly pay for the service. And then make a tutorial about the subject and mention the person that helped me out (if they would like to) since there is little to no info on this and all info i read is sort of all over the place and not specific. Contact me here through a pm if you are interested in helping me out and I can explain in more detail.

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