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WoeLab & W.Afate at the 3DPRINTSHOW NY !

Posted by MattMoses 
WoeLab & W.Afate at the 3DPRINTSHOW NY !
February 03, 2014 01:25PM
Hi Everyone!

The W.Afate 3D printer is a project to build 3D printers from recycled electronics in Africa. The project is based at the WoeLab hackerspace in Lome, Togo. The project was endorsed by Adrian Bowyer on the RepRap blog back in May 2013 and also featured on Hackaday in October 2013.

The WoeLab has been invited to show their work at 3D Printshow NYC 2014. The group is trying to raise a modest amount of funds ($4000) to send 4 team members and 2 of their printers to NYC for the show.

The crowdfunding link is here woelab-wafate-3dprintshow.

What are the funds for? From the project description: "We are planning to go to the 3DPRINTSHOW, a team of 4 members of WoeLab community, and bring 2 W.Afate printers and some other original projects. Your donations will be an extra contribution to the budget required for this project. This will finance a portion of the process of visas obtaining process, flight tickets from Togo and Senegal, and also manufacturing machines that will be exhibited at the show."

Here is a video of a W.Afate printer printing.

Here are some pictures of various machines under construction:

Re: WoeLab & W.Afate at the 3DPRINTSHOW NY !
February 10, 2014 06:18PM
It was successful! 101% funded! smiling smiley
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