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Try new filaments cheaply! Filamomentous will sell interesting filaments by the yard smiling bouncing smiley

Posted by Filamomentous 
Hello! I got into the world of 3D printing several months ago and one of my biggest gripes has been the cost of filament. I mean $30-$40 for ONE color/material/property. I will never use an entire roll (that makes 392 chess pieces!!!). So, to fix this barrier for myself and others, I am starting a filament by the yard business.

Filamomentous is a new business that will sell cool filament by the yard.

We aim to sell super interesting filaments like wood-composite, stone-texture, thermochromic, conductive, flexible etc. in addition to normal filament. And unlike buying/making a plastic extruder, Filamomentous requires no initial investment.

We hope to have our Kickstarter up and running soon but we'd like you (yes, you!) to give us your input first. What exciting, new filaments do you want to try? Please, please take our survey (or just sign up to get updates) here.

Thanks for reading smiling smiley I'm new to the the RepRap forums but I hope y'all are nice... haha

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Footle sells filament by the yard to make 3D printing more available to everyone!

Support Footle's crowdfunding campaign! [www.indiegogo.com]
(^WOOD-COMPOSITE filament for $0.50/yard! THERMOCHROMIC for just $0.40!!!)

Sign up for updates here: [goo.gl]
Like us on Facebook! [www.facebook.com]
I like the idea of a small amount to test it out. What is your price range per yard?

Also, I wouldn't call out any vendors in a negative way. Especially if they have the reputation of Faberdashery.


The price range would probably be around $0.40-$0.55 per yard. I'd have to buy and measure the filament to figure out an exact price. I'm basing that off of what Faberdashery charges ($0.48 per yard) but novelty filaments are generally more expensive than standard filaments. I'm not trying to call out Faberdashery sad smiley They're great, I just want different filament! Thank you for telling me that it comes off poorly! You're right and I should be more careful about that and I'll change it now.
ok, so you wan to sell it for pretty much the same $/yard. That's a good idea.

You should definitely only sell high quality filament. I know there are a lot of people who only buy from 1-2 sources simply because of the quality.

Also, if you aren't already planning on it, it might be a good idea to have a proper How-to on testing filament, suggested length for testing, and maybe some sample prints with how much filament they actually used.


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