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Support my Indiegogo campaign! <3 Awesome, weird, unique filaments by the yard!

Posted by Filamomentous 
Indiegogo Campaign Link

I'm starting a Faberdashery-like filament by the yard business but with a twist. Footle will sell classic filaments as well as all the cool, unique awesome, weird filaments I've always wanted to try! Buying a whole roll of the stuff is expensive and 1 kg makes about 400 chess pieces so it's waaaaaaaay more filament than any one maker could ever need.

This campaign is my way of testing the waters so if you want a place to buy cool filament by the yard in the future, please contribute! I'm a college student nervous about using up my time and resources so I'd really like this to go well so I can justify moving forward!!! I've been wanting to make this company for several months now - I advanced to the second round of the Thiel Fellowship with it and was in the top 2% of 8,000 in a pitch competition with it but I still didn't have the guts to just launch something until today. I know the campaign doesn't look like much but I decided it was time to just go for it rather than continue to make excuses about not having a video etc.

I'm starting the campaign off with wood-composite and stone texture filaments at $0.50/yard, thermochromic filament at $0.40/yard and some gold and silver at $0.40/yard but I'm eager to know what filaments YOU want! Have you been dying to try conductive filament? Flexible filament? Dissolvable filament (for support structures)? What do you think of the possibility of having your filament by the yard come on a spool? How much would you be willing to pay for that (I have to look into the cost of various spools)?

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Footle sells filament by the yard to make 3D printing more available to everyone!

Support Footle's crowdfunding campaign! [www.indiegogo.com]
(^WOOD-COMPOSITE filament for $0.50/yard! THERMOCHROMIC for just $0.40!!!)

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