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3d model viewing software

Posted by davidra 
3d model viewing software
October 16, 2014 03:56AM

This seemed like the best place to put this post - apologies if not!

We (xlabs corp. of Australia) have been working on some software that may be of interest to the reprap community. Basically it provides a javascript interface for head, eye & gaze tracking. What's that got to do with reprap? Well, it turns out if you know where the viewer is, you can create some pseudo-3D viewing effects on a 2D screen, and you can provide ways to physically interact with virtual models and worlds.

Using our free SDK, we've made a 3D object viewer that takes most reprap file formats - demo video here:

You can load and view the models as if they were real-world objects, with zoom and rotate features as well. It's not perfect but it gives a convincing effect for moderate head movements.

We also made a demo allowing you to use your head/body to control walking through a scanned 3d model:

All these demos are simply ordinary web pages that make use of the xlabs head/eye/gaze tracking SDK. Web developers can use the SDK to add physical interaction features to any website.

We are now keen to attract indie developers to come and see what you can do with the SDK - you'll probably have better ideas than us! We'd love it if people made some fun and useful apps using our software.

You can read more and download software here:

I'll try to answer questions below if anyone has any.

PS There are other demos on our YouTube channel:

PPS We aren't looking for funding, just for people to use this stuff!
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