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P3Steel version 2.5 DXL frames group buy

Posted by AndrewBCN 
P3Steel version 2.5 DXL frames group buy
July 26, 2015 05:14PM
Hi everybody,

I am trying to put together a first batch of 60 units of the P3Steel version 2.5 DXL frame kits. These will be laser cut from good quality 3mm structural steel, and then sandblasted and finally zinc plated.

The estimated cost is 75 euros including VAT. Shipping will be from Barcelona, Spain by whatever means is the cheapest. For Spain that should cost around 12 euros, for the rest of Europe around 25 euros, and I am still checking the prices for the rest of the world.

Once I have the 60 orders for the first batch confirmed, laser cutting takes a week and sandblasting and zinc plating takes another week. I have visited both companies and know for sure they do a good job, since these are the companies that manufactured a small batch of P3Steel 2.01 frames earlier this year. In any case, I will be personally checking the quality of the parts and making sure the kits are shipped complete and without defective parts.

If you are interested, please post in this thread and/or send me a PM.

I can also arrange for the 8mm stainless steel rods (18 euros incl. taxes). Eventually I should be able to print the plastic parts too for those that don't have easy access to a 3D printer, price for a complete set should be around 25 euros (incl. taxes), including the parts for a Greg's Wade's classic geared extruder.

Thanks all,
Re: P3Steel version 2.5 DXL frames group buy
August 06, 2015 11:26AM
I'd like one! Just the frame for me. (Shipping to Belgium.)

By the way, would it be possible to include steel x end idler & motor mounts?
Something like here: [www.thingiverse.com]
I already have an aluminum X-carriage, and bulldog extruder, so this way I'd no longer need any printed parts in my printer smiling smiley
Re: P3Steel version 2.5 DXL frames group buy
August 09, 2015 08:33PM
Hi Bernieke
Sorry for the late reply. I am still in the process of gathering enough orders for the first batch.
I am aware of some versions of the P3Steel that use laser-cut steel parts like the rest of the frame, for the X motor end, X idler end and X carriage.
You also have the Graber i3 which uses laser-cut wood parts for the same purpose.
But personally, I believe that it is better to print these parts in PLA or ABS, not only because this reduces the overall cost of the frame, but also because there is a lot more flexibility in designing these parts to be 3D printed rather than assembled from laser cut elements, whether of wood or metal.
Note that you will still need printed parts for the endstop holders and the Y-belt holder, so in the end there is always a need to print some parts.
Also, as you probably know the basic design philosophy of the P3Steel 1.2, 2.0, 2.01 and 2.5 is KISS [en.wikipedia.org] , so that's what I try to do: too keep things as simple as possible, including the frame design.
I'll PM you again when I have the first batch of P3Steel 2.5 DXL frames manufactured.
Re: P3Steel version 2.5 DXL frames group buy
September 21, 2015 07:33AM
Hi Andrew,

How are you getting along gathering orders? Any chance of a tentative timeframe yet?

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