Kickstarter project launched! Cartesian & Delta 3d printer enthusiasts
July 27, 2015 07:20PM
I just launched a kickstarter project of special interest to all Delta printer enthusiasts.

Its a single low cost linear module that is designed for both cartesian and Delta configurations,
using a precision aluminum extrusion for housing/guide/motor mount/carriage.
Its motion is driven by precision 4mm/revolution ball screw and 200 step motor for a net linear motion of .02 mm per step (less with micro stepping of course).
A Delta machine can use 3 modules as tower/motion/60 degree mounting, so becomes very simple.

I want to thank see-me-cnc for getting me interested in Delta machines, and if the project funds, I hope I can entice them
(or other Delta manufacturers) to design a higher end larger machines using the modules.

If you would like to support it, thanks! I'd encourage you to spread the news to other maker forums and groups.
This takes 3 custom molds for 2 extrusions and an adapter to keep part count and machining low.
If the project funds future versions of the modules will be possible at lower costs.

As is, the kickstarter award for 3 1 meter (35 inch of motion) modules is $730 plus shipping.

Please spread the news!
Re: Kickstarter project launched! Cartesian & Delta 3d printer enthusiasts
August 08, 2015 10:33PM
Let me see if I got this right, $220 for just a linear motion kit and ball screw and there is no prototype?

Just asking?

You really need to make a full prototype Delta and Cartesian and show them in use. Demonstrate why yours are better. Folks need to see it in action!
Another thing, the video just screams "go away".

To do a good video, show prominently, a working prototype.
You can narrate over the video, but, no one wants to watch a boring lecture.

Show the results, test prints, comparisons to other systems, up close!

Later, show the mechanical porn of the linear bearing drawings, a closeup video of the part in hand, describe why it is expensive and how it must be made.

Lastly you can be in frame giving a quick speech to let the folks know how you feel about contributing to the community of 3d printer enthusiasts and try to garner the interest of the big corporate guys too.

You need to "GRAB THE VIEWER" by the throat and don't let go!

Anyway, good luck!

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Re: Kickstarter project launched! Cartesian & Delta 3d printer enthusiasts
October 12, 2015 09:33AM
I guess for certain applications the price for a linear motion unit including ball bearing would be quite good. But reprap mostly is looking to be cheap and precise. And reprappable smiling smiley

Also afaik deltas need faster speeds than 12x4 leads screws afford.

V-Slot has a "C-Beam" now that also offers a partially enclosed linear motion unit: []
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