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Ramps 1.4 Breakout Shield - Ethernet Shields

Posted by UniverseUnlimited 
Ramps 1.4 Breakout Shield - Ethernet Shields
October 05, 2015 10:05PM
Good evening all, I thought I would post up some information regarding the Ramps 1.4 Shield on Kickstarter. Ramps 1.4 Breakout Shield

I would just like to point out and confirm that I am the creator behind the project. My intentions behind the project were focused on using a viable piece of hardware that got me involved with 3D Printing many years ago. While many think that Ramps 1.4 is outdated (true to an extent), I myself and many others, still find Ramps 1.4 to be quite a solid 3D Printer controller (using for over 4 years). The Shield has some iterations and if you truly analyze the hardware, you might think to yourself why things were done the way they were. The reasoning may not be clear upfront, but the hardware like everything else, grows and improves.

For those that may appreciate what the hardware can do, all I can say is that it has been a big improvement over the stock wiring. For those that will criticize all the details and use of certain components, I understand your concerns. I would just like to thank the RepRap forums and all that are involved, If I have offended anyone, I apologize.

If anyone was at Maker Faire NYC and we spoke, thank you for the conversations.

Best Regards,

Re: Ramps 1.4 Breakout Shield - Ethernet Shields
October 06, 2015 01:36AM
I like the concept, but I'm just wondering whether Ethernet and USB cable is really up to the job of carrying the amp load required by the steppers and hot end? (I don't know; I just know that my cabling is heavier than Ethernet / USB. I believe Cat 5 Ethernet cable is good for about 0.5 amps per conductor.)

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Re: Ramps 1.4 Breakout Shield - Ethernet Shields
October 06, 2015 07:22PM
Those that wish to use the Hotend we created will use custom USB cables. There are different connectors to use but we chose the USB type connector for a few reasons, the cable itself would be larger AWG and have a custom colored loom. When using a double extruder, we will be upgrading for a different connector. As for the Ethernet, in it's stock 24 AWG wiring, the stepper motors we use, we do not see degradation in the actual conductors and or contacts. RJ45 connectors can also be adapted to larger AWG wiring for custom solutions.

Re: Ramps 1.4 Breakout Shield - Ethernet Shields
October 07, 2015 04:51AM
The USB -adapter PBC looks like it´s mounted directly to the heaterblock. I´m concerned about the temperature creeping into the PCB and desolder all the connections...
Furthermore it looks very bulky to me. I wouldn´t know, how to mount it below a delta-effector.

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