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Indiegogo campaign - "The world's first connectable 3D printer filament spool and a cheapest filament welder"

Posted by nextfila 
A filament which you are using now in FFF 3D printing has several problems.

You have to waste a remaining filament always,
you have to wait to change a remaining filament to a new filament
and a printing might be failed if you miss a right time to change filaments.

These are very headache problems in FFF 3D printing but nobody have thought about it.
I developed NEXTFILA - the connectable 3D printer filament system to solve these problems.

I launched this idea on crowd funding site Indiegogo on 17.Mar.2016. ( [igg.me] )
It's very simple but effective way to solve all of above problems.
You can buy "a connectable 3D printer filament" and "a cheapest filament welder" also on my campaign.

Your contributions will be great help to come out this "NEXT GENERATION FILAMENT" system to the world..


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I'd be tempted, but
  • The campaign is "flexible funding"... i.e. it will take my money even if it doesn't reach its goal (and, with $151 raised of $10,000, it doesn't look like it will succeed).
  • I don't want to buy filament from you. I already have filament. You don't have the colours I want. I'd have to keep buying filament from you, or wind filament onto your spools myself. A solution that worked with standard 1kg spools of filament would be more attractive
  • Heating the welder with two gas lighters seems awkward and unreliable. I'd pay more for something that was properly temperature-controlled. Arduino Nano, 12V heater cartridges, and thermistors are all cheap, and everyone has a 12V supply for their printer.

Incidentally, your English is a barrier to your sales. What you're selling is NOT "a connectable 3D printer filament"... rather, it is "connectible 3D printer filament spools".
Hi frankvdh,

Thank you very much for your opinions. Your opinions are very important to me.

The answer is,
- about flexible funding - I already ready to produce. The funding goal $10,000 is important but I will produce this product if I fail the fund raising. So that is why I set a "flexible funding" goal to my campaign.
- Sorry for colors. This is very early stage of this connectable filament business so there is not enough money for preparing various colors. I will prepare various colors and materials someday.
for 500g bobbins, I was worried about that also.
If I supply 1kg bobbins, most of users have to modify their 3D printer holder. Because two bobbins assembly width is double of normal 1kg bobbin. So I decided to produce 500g bobbin first.
But I will produce 1kg bobbins someday. I have a plan. It need an expensive plastic mold for a 1kg bobbin and lots of money to produce.
I'm now looking forward another fund to produce 1kg filament.
- Yes, I also considered about that. However automatic temperature controller is not so cheap as this manual type welder. I can design a circuit and a PCB but the final product price will be not so cheap.
Now I'm developing an automatic temperature controlled welder but it will be more expensive than this manual welder.
I thought individual users would want a cheaper welder than a expensive one in spite of their inconvenience.
But Now I got know another demand, so I will prepare an automatic welder.

and you are right, my English is a barrier to my business, I know.

I want a sales engineer who speak English very well. However my company is so small for now. I have to do all of works by myself.
This company conditions will be improved gradually.
I'm doing my best to improve that.

Opinions like yours will be great help to me.

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