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The Filament Roller, An IR Filament Jam/Runout Sensor and Alarm, Automatically Pause Your Print, Compatible With Marlin 1.1.x, OctoPrint, and More~

Posted by OnAShoestring 

I'm the project-owner for this Kickstarter campaign.

I made a sensor that can detect pretty much any kind of filament stoppage. If your printer can take an endstop filament runout sensor, then it can use this product as a drop-in replacement.

I've tested this product on a Ramps 1.4 with Marlin 1.1.x. I've also tested it on OctoPrint with the filament sensor plugin.

I haven't directly tested it, but it should also work well with Repetier firmware (quadrature output).

This isn't a take-it-or-leave-it campaign; if you see a function you'd like but don't see, then request it and I'll try my best to incorporate it.

If you have any questions, submit and I'll answer as fast as I can!


Based on the pictures, it appears to be massive in size and really only suitable for your reel stand or a bowden type setup. It doesn't appear as it would be easy to mount on say an E3D Titan extruder unless you had it in the bowden configuration. And your board/kit looks like it relies on a reel be supported by the flange which is not really the best method of holding a payoff.

Realistically, I'd have to suggest you find a way to design something smaller in size that could hang on a small PTFE tube above a direct drive extruder, or something that is light weight and wouldn't add a huge mass or object on a X carriage.

Good luck with it either way, what you have might work but really doesn't seem practical.
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