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Need support for firmware development and tutorial videos

Posted by Wangsamax 
Need support for firmware development and tutorial videos
March 20, 2017 05:41AM
Hi all, I make new firmware based on repetier firmware named Wangsamas firmware. It is an open source operating system to run robotic arm as in video here [youtu.be]

It is not just for plotter, you can use it for CNC, laser and 3D printer.
It is not just for robot arm too, you can use it for cartesian and delta robots.
You can download if for free at [github.com]
And you are free to modify it for other purposes as factory automation.

There are support and other needed informations provided in [www.wangsamas.com] website.
And I also make video tutorials to learn about 3D printing at youtube channel as in this link [www.youtube.com]

They are Indonesian language tutorial that I made right now, and I have plan to make english version too in the future.

I need your support to develop the firmware further and make more videos faster with better quality.
Wangsamas firmware and the videos created with good purpose for better life of the people.
Your financial support really means a lot for me. It also means you are contributing for the technology, the impact of technology and the people who use it.
Who knows someday someone make something that useful for you and your family because of your contribution today.

please support me by be my patron here

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