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Help Me to open a FabLab 1 recipe per time

Posted by Elstak 
Help Me to open a FabLab 1 recipe per time
April 08, 2017 02:38PM
Hi all and thanks for that space and your time.

Few months ago i had try to open a fablab in my city, but... is not so easy to do here....

Hi, my name is Francesco, i come from Italy, as said above i had try to open a fablab in my city (Crema -CR-), but when i had that idea i just think to the pure cost of the project.... unfortunately here is not so easy.

I discuss a lot with my friends and i had an idea, the below text was tranlated by M4D, a new friend from thingiverse, i already open a topic like that to check the availability of that idea and a lot of people just.... give me an help.

I hope here, will be the same. The text show the idea and the problem that i met while trying to open my fablab.

Hi Elstak, Here's the best i can do with the translation for you, i found a little of it extremely difficult to understand especially when it came to the costings and have done what i can to make it as true to your story as possible, I hope this helps you get a good response, i have left some parts in your own words as they are easy to read and understand as they are, let me know if there's anything i can change for you.

"Hello everyone, I've been trying to open a FabLab in my city for a long time, a while ago I was talking to a friend about how I could go about funding the opening of a FabLab ......

While searching for a information on how to go about setting up a FabLab i wrote to lots of FabLabs around the world and was rather annoyed due to the fact in most countries they not only got support financially but also given a purpose, they start with a much more ’moderate investment’ than is being provided here in Italy.
To rent a space here is going to cost a year in advance, we’re talking at least €800-€1000 per month + IVA (VAT), which works out around €14,000. To have the minimum equipment to make a FABLAB viable as a business (it needs to be self sufficient once opened) around €30,000, even without going too big to start with I’m going to need a Laser Cutter, that cuts up to 5mm thick aluminium; 3-4 printers that cannot be the hypercube if i have to carry with engineering firms and companies for prototyping ( this is where the majority of money is made in a FabLab); workbenches and tools (despite a contact in Beta, a workstation fit for purpose is upwards of around €1,500), All such costs are in addition to those of the Italian bureaucracy between a tax and the other (in Italy you pay before opening a business) around €10,000.
Now a small detail on prices, for the same purchase in most countries is cheaper than here in Italy, printers, cutters, lathes, milling machines, CNC, everything costs less elsewhere… even in America you get most things cheaper .... So not only the €20,000 that i had not saved was not enough, but even after i sold my motorcycle (sigh!) €30,000 that i will have will be enough.

One of the ideas that had been discussed was, indeed, a cookbook recipes made with the maker of RepRap, Thingiverse and so on ... Idea initially abandoned because long to manage, were opened the topic on many international forums (because the aim is to put recipes from around the world) contact youtuber some not too well known (some do pay for a message in a video .... sad smiley) etc ..

But I must make the best of a bad situation otherwise the project can not exist, at least not with the Community spirit and nonprofit. Otherwise, at that point, it becomes a store and I want to open another thing.

So I'd love to, as requested on Thingiverse, if you shared with me your favorite recipe, as well as your mother will always did ... raw recipe, handwritten (no online recipes ... you lose the spirit of the book) ingredients and notes on preparing ... as is ... I apologize in advance to those who have already had to say goodbye to your own mother, to which I give a hug."

Now, i'm just asking for a recipe... i hope will be not too much for you.
Thanks guy and good DIY.

Re: Help Me to open a FabLab 1 recipe per time
April 15, 2017 11:49AM
David Hayes
I think you can get lot recipes on youtube.
yep but i will lost the scope of the book... i don't understand why is so difficult write a recipe grinning smiley
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