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Husarion Core2

Posted by frankvdh 
Husarion Core2
July 12, 2017 03:06PM


CORE2 contains popular interfaces for robotic projects, so you can build different robots easily without dozens of shields. Built-in DC motor ports allows you to directly connect up to four motors and process signals from their quadrature encoders in hardware - you don’t waste a CPU processing cycles, because a dedicated timer, one for each encoder, cares to not miss any single “tick”. Powerful libraries for CORE2 use all peripherals and CPU power in efficient way, thanks to a real-time operating system, DMA channels, interrupts - but everything is hidden behind an easy to use API. Interfaces for six servos and an on-board DC/DC converter allows you to select a voltage level for each servo. Lots of GPIOs, communication interfaces, ADC channels, and interrupt pins allow you to connect literally any sensor you can find, especially since CORE2 works with Arduino libraries, as you will see later.

I don't have any connection to this project, but it would a great development platform for a 3D printer if you could add some stepper drivers to it.
Re: Husarion Core2
July 12, 2017 10:19PM
Here's Husarion Support's reply to my question about steppers:

Hi Frank,

thank you for your question. You can connect up to 6 stepper motor drivers to CORE2, eg. like this one [www.pololu.com] :

a) connect STEP signal to one of 6 avaiable PWM outputs ( [husarion.com] ) to generate "steps" using hardware timer (so you don't waste processing power of CPU)
b) connect DIR signal to one of 36 GPIOs from hSensor or hExt ports

You can also connect up to 2 stepper motors directly to the H-bridges of CORE2, but using external stepper motor drivers would be a little bit easier.

We are porting Marlin (http://marlinfw.org/) to CORE2 using our open source library (https://github.com/husarion/hFramework), so in the near future using CORE2 in 3D printers will be much easier. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Husarion team
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