ColdEnd - The world's first available INDUCTION hotend
April 03, 2018 05:09AM
Hello all,
our name is Icy-Bear.

Becaus we are annoyed by the bad thermal characteristics of most hotends, we started developing our own Prodoct!
Our new ColdEnd uses the principle of induction in order to heat the nozzle.
By doing so, we're able to get some impressive numbers: 200 °C rise in just under 20 seconds.


  • Extremely fast heat-up process
  • Precise temperature control
  • Does not need any active or passive cooling [No spinning fans required]
  • Max. temperature ~300 °C
  • Short cool-down events

In order to develop this system further, and make it available for everyone as cheap as any other hotend,
we need YOUR HELP!
Our campaign is now live on Indiegogo:

Please share our campaign and support it on Indiegogo via the link above!

We're extremely excited to get your opinion on this project!
open | download - TheColdEnd.jpg (449 KB)
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