his is our first kickstarter crowdfunding project which live in kickstarter right now, please come and support. Also please give us some suggestions and comments. Thank you very much!!!

Support Us : bit.ly/doublecut

DoubleCut is a new defining Scissors which mounted with 2 standard cutter blades. People can simply buy cutter blades in home depot or anywhere to replace the dull ones. It's simple but useful. Please support and help us to make Doublecut come true. Thank you!!!
Re: DoubleCut - A lifetime Replaceable Scissor live kickstarter come and support us
July 13, 2018 05:38AM
a) how is this reprap related
b) the blades on real scissor are a different shape, two flat blades on a pinon point. the flats move together to cut
This thing the cutting edge is in the center of the blades ie

   | ||            vs traditional                | ||
   | \/                                          | |/
/\ |                                          /| |
|| |                                          || |

note how far the cutting edge is away from the paper in the middle...

I suspect these wont even cut!! (the presenter is clearly having issue and trying to hide it...)

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Sorry I think I posted in wrong forum but anyway this is the answer for ur question (cool smileyspecial blade located angle designed for the blades contacting each other tight in order to cut the paper. We didnt hide anything, we made few prototypes(not 3d prints) to make sure it did work. Thanks.
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