Ormerod commissioning/ bed leveling
December 12, 2013 09:26AM

I'm again into commissioning the printer and this time I wanted to level the bed. But the building instructions and the pictures on the commissioning page differ.
The middle screw is not mounted in the instructions but is visible in the commissioning/ leveling the bed.
Also the nuts are not locked as per heat bed assembly instructions (pictures) but are at a certain distance away in the commissioning pictures as it makes sense for leveling.
But if one uses the M3x12mm cap head screws as per heat bed instructions, there is no place to put the nuts in a distance. And there are no M3x 16mm cap head screws left.


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Re: Ormerod commissioning/ bed leveling
December 13, 2013 04:41AM
Hi Markus

The picture in the comissioning instructions is Adrian Bowyer's development machine. He likes to manually adjust the bed so it's close to level; however, we don't supply the longer screws and extra nuts to do it this way - it should be an unnecessary step with the auto compensation! The bed shouldn't be that far out of level with the X axis as built. I'll update the instructions, when I get a chance, to say to either ignore this step, or suggest it as an 'improvement' if you axis is so far out that the auto compensation can't cope.

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Re: Ormerod commissioning/ bed leveling
December 13, 2013 05:15AM
Hi Ian

I just got some longer screws and leveled the bed with them. I now get very precise leveling according to my digital angle gauge (~ 0.1°). Only thing is the 6 pin connectors are not that tight as before. But I think I'll give it a try this way and eventually will change back to the autocompensation-feature.


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Re: Ormerod commissioning/ bed leveling
December 13, 2013 01:03PM
Hi Ian,

It was certainly confusing seeing both ways to fix the bed with only the shorter screws provided. At the time Adrian's way looked more correct! I had not been aware of the autoleveling feature at the outset of assembling the hardware and thus any out of true of any axis movement was unsettling. All is now clear smiling smiley

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