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version control

Posted by rayhicks 
version control
December 13, 2013 04:07PM
Discussing failure to print issues in pronterface earlier with Ian in irc ( which resulted in an instant bug fix), taking an overview of the round and round issues with ethernet connectivity, the (now hopefully resolved) +5V from atx 12V supply, it seems strikingly clear to me that RepRapPro don't have a release version of software or hardware: Those of us without ethernet connectivity can't use the webserver interface to print, none of us could directly print through pronterface (because of a bug in handling the T0 g-code, which they didn't seem to notice, presumably because they CAN print off the web server) ,and so on. Maybe they're using their custom version of pronterface, which they don't provide as a build, but I don't have the skills or time to build, and maybe the bug didn't hit in that (but it should have done looking at the c++ changes made to correct the bug). After pointing out this failure to print bug (and the origin of it), Ian was surprised that T0 was even used. He did promise to bring it to Adrian's attention, and it was fixed very quickly, but (quite shockingly) I got no notification of the the fix.

I'd like RepRapPro to do a few of things:

1 build standalone apps for all of the platforms they claim to support and serve them from the places that currently give 404 errors

2 provide some mechanism to alert customers of firmware updates

3 hire a temp with moderate computer skills, buy a new pc (and mac!) and get the temp to install internet downloadable versions of software and firmware and print something on an ormerod (that perhaps a second temp has put together) - observe both of these people running through those processes and take notes/modify formware/software.

4 buy a cheap vanilla router from a major chain and hook up an isolated network and get the non-development pc to hook up to that - if it works, let us know the brand

5 do all of that using a production version of the duet, not a prototype

6 let us know when new versions of firmware and the software in item 1 are released, rather than expecting us to poll the github repository (edit - repetition for emphasis, honest!)

7 take a well-deserved rest over the Christmas period and enjoy a prosperous New Year



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Re: version control
December 13, 2013 06:11PM
oh yeah, what prompted the thread title is that we all seem to have different versions of everything, which makes it difficult to home in on what's what
Re: version control
December 14, 2013 05:46PM
1. Fixed. The Pronterface link in the instructions was pointing at the 'dev' branch. It's now pointing at the 'master' branch. We'll update the pre-compiled Pronterface binary in the next couple of days, hopefully for each platform, but any version of Pronterface, including Kliment's precompiled versions, should work with the Duet.

2. The best thing to do, if you think you have a firmware problem, is look at this github page. It will tell you what's been updated: [github.com]
Generally, just like Apple (!), we'd prefer that everyone uses the latest firmware, because it makes support easier; but unlike Apple, we won't force updates on you. If you don't have any problems, it's unlikely you'll update the firmware. However, the first question I'll ask people if they need support is if their firmware is up-to-date. For the next few months, we'll be quashing bugs and adding features. We'll blog about big changes, but probably not the little ones.

3. We've got all you lot testing, and giving us feedback! Sorry, that's bound to upset someone. It's a fair point; we built plenty of development machines, but almost all of them got hacked about. Development is always open-ended... until you get a deadline. We've hired quite a number of people recently, though mostly for production. And we're still looking for capable people, if you know any. The problem is, for development and troubleshooting work, we can't just hire someone off the street; we need someone with interest in 3D printing - the sort of person who would buy a kit. People don't go into this entirely blind. The best thing we can do is react quickly to problems, and provide solutions by updating instructions, software, firmware and hardware.
Regarding software: most of the software is exactly the same as runs on our older RepRaps. Those instructions have proved perfectly workable.

4. The router isn't the problem. The network part of your board appears to be non-functional. You'll get a warranty replacement.

5. We are, now. We didn't have a production version of the Duet until a couple of days before we started shipping! Modern production just doesn't work that way.

6. Goto 2.

7. I wish...

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