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RS Ormerod order problem

Posted by tru168 
RS Ormerod order problem
December 19, 2013 04:17AM
Hi all,

I placed an order and paid to RS Malaysia for an Ormerod 3d printer about a week ago. While waiting for the stock turns available, I checked our local RS page again and it shows "discontinued item" I called RS Malaysia and they said discontinued means they will be no more shipping Ormerod. I check RS-UK immediately, and status shows "temporary out of stock"
I'm very disappointed that I'm not getting my Ormerod anymore.

May I know if RS still selling them ? Or just our local RS make a mistake ? Anyone help please?

EDIT: ** Never mind that, I shouldn't post RS related question in here. I will ask reprap pro support for detail , thank you guys !"

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Re: RS Ormerod order problem
December 20, 2013 04:07AM
Yes RS is the place, but note there are two part numbers, the launch orange/red RS special which is exhausted and the new green RepRap coloured version which has a knew number 795-2333

Come back here when you get your printer it is a great well supported forum.
Re: RS Ormerod order problem
December 20, 2013 07:46AM
Hi Treth

Thanks for info, I ordered red color limited version by 15th and the status on RS page shows that it will ship by 17th of this month, but few days later it shows discontinued !! Frankly speaking , I don't like green color. I will prefer black or something, but now I have no choice. Called RS today, and my previous order will be refunded after 2 weeks , and while I place another order today ( green version ) I have to pay immediately! ouch !

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Re: RS Ormerod order problem
December 21, 2013 05:20AM
I ordered 0n 12th and the backorder was for dispatch on 16th. Did not ship until 18th. I assume the 500 are now sold as mine was 350+. Surly RS can change the part number on you initial order as this is their error, If you really hate the green print youself a set of orange.

Re: RS Ormerod order problem
December 21, 2013 07:21AM
Hi Rory

You are so lucky ! Yes I can print a set as spare, now what I wish is RS will ship the Ormerod to my door step in time. My re-order stated will ship 23th Dec, but I've been informed today that it will be delay until end of January ! How I wish I can order directly from RepRapPro, our local RS always make a lot of order mistake!

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