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Z Plane leveling

Posted by Treth 
Z Plane leveling
December 19, 2013 04:55AM
I'm resetting all my settings and reinstalling the programs to check I have the latest (Pronterface was the wrong one well as Slic3r so getting there!).

Looking back at the instructions these are much better now. Thanks Ian.

Going through the Z plane levelling, my question is when it states note the z position:

Raise Z by two or three mm, and move to X = 60, Y = 180. Repeat the procedure, moving the nozzle to just above the bed then this time sending G30 P1. this sets the second bed point. Look at the Z coordinate value and jot it down.

Lift the nozzle, go to X = 180, Y = 180, and repeat, this time sending G30 P2. Jot down the Z value.

I presume this is using G31, but in this case we are close to the plane and have a near saturated reading i.e. 976 which doesn't change much!
Should we be setting the tip close to the surface and then moving say +2mm and recording this value?

We would then be in a more linear part of the z sensor operation, but will it then confuse the levelling software? I pressue not but just want to check.
Re: Z Plane leveling
December 19, 2013 05:22AM
Hi Treth,

I think what is meant is the absolute height of the z-axis for each point (I assume you are manually compensating the bedplane) which you should get either in the web interface or with Pronterface with "GET POS" or by typing M114 in the command line. You then get the values for the axes. The value for the z-axis (when it touches the bedplane at this specific point) is the one to write down for the bed plane compensation points (P0 - P3).
The proximity sensor is not involved when manually compensating the bedplane.

E.g. my setbed.g looks like this:

G30 P0 X60 Y20 Z0.0
G30 P1 X60 Y180 Z0.1
G30 P2 X180 Y180 Z-0.2
G30 P3 X180 Y20 Z0.1 S
M556 S75 X-0.65 Y0 Z-0.65


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Re: Z Plane leveling
December 19, 2013 05:58AM
Yes, that's the command thanks.

Having just got the correct Pronterface, those very useful buttons are new to me, but will be used lots!
Re: Z Plane leveling
December 19, 2013 07:13AM
Hi all

Not looking for any sympathy, but I was up until 3am updating the Commissioning (much more detail on basic setup of software and communication), Axis Compensation (formerly Commissioning) pages! Hopefully everything is a bit clearer now.

RepRapPro tech support
Re: Z Plane leveling
December 20, 2013 03:59AM
@Ian, documentation is looking very good.

My issues were I had been using a version of Pronterface which was compiled for Windows 'pre-Ormerod' days (The Ormerod link was broken at that time). Updating to the correct version I was not familiar with the Get Pos button, and indeed had missed the M114 option previously!

Going through the levelling procedure the only issue I experienced was the final position where the fan housing clashed with the clip holding the glass firm. I was concerned that removing it at this stage would ruin my data, but it does not appear to be a problem.

My first follow up test print was the snowman, but strangely I could not get this to work, it appeared to load from the SD card but the 'Print' button never appeared. Any thoughts?

I then loaded a file I had created (well sliced!) and this does seem to print correctly.

Just for note, It was the board levelling that had caused my previous non-sticking filament problem, the gap between the tip and the platter although near zero at the home position was around 0.5mm or more where the print started.

The only error I saw during the above was that the command M27 caused an error to be displayed.

AND your support and help is highly appreciated from us all (not sure where the other hundreds of purchasers are though!) Have a great Christmas break if you are allowed to!
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